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Unhappy Pug's and respiratory issues

I have a pug and have had him since he was a puppy, he is now about 8 years old. He is not neutered..yet.. and he is very active and at a healthy weight (18 lbs). Recently, around the holidays, I noticed he was having issues with his breathing (and no not your "typical pug" breathing). It was out of nowhere and I have been to several vets and have been told the same thing without any tests being done..."well he is a pug and pugs have respiratory problems". The thing is, his tongue never use to turn purple nor would he get winded and go into these attacks as if reverse sneezing, initially it was when he would get worked up and now its to the point where, even if sleeping, he will wake and have an attack. His nose also sounds very snotty and full of mucus...some has even come out when he breathes out hard. of course when i tell the vets, I constantly get the "well hes a pug" response... and honestly i'm sick of it. I always get the recommendation to take him to the ER to be placed in an oxygen cage but that's not a daily solution... i'm looking for something that will actually help my dog and not require me to have to live at the vet or spend thousands of dollars....I'm trying to help my dog and I have plans here soon to get him scheduled for a soft palette surgery to try and help as well. I understand that stub nosed breeds have upper respiratory issues but this was not gradual... this was out of no where and seems to be getting worse. I have him on Doxycyline right now and a saline nasal suspension that the vet prepared which also contains Gentamycin, erythromycin and saline solution. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this with their pug and what they did to resolve it ?? I just keep getting the run around...
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