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Originally Posted by armash View Post

apparently it has immunity boosters and stuff which is good.
can somebody comment on the ingredients?
Or suggest something better for a large breed puppy?

Immunity boosters?? I'm guessing your vet told you that one.

About the only ingredient in that food that I like is the chicken meal.

Corn gluten meal is a cheap ingredient used to add protein and is highly susceptible to mold contamination.

Cellulose is a cheap filler and usually comes from wood shavings.

Fructo-oligosaccharides is an artificial sweetener ......sugar should not be added to pet food period.

Salt should also not be added and it also has another form of salt labelled as sodium silico aluminate .....

I agree with Goldens4Ever about Orijen's large breed puppy formula.

But I am pretty sure it does not cost twice as much as Medi-Cal.

I think the average price for Orijen is around $60 a bag and Medi-Cal is over $70.
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