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Thank you Marko for the info. It does put things into perspective and will help with my other 2 elderly kitties, one with very bad arthritis.

This will be the 3rd time Tig has come through this "not eating" First was after surgery from a blockage in his stomache. I wish she has done a biopsy, instead of assume it was a hair ball. That was in 2011, he was on his last day of a hunger strike and decided to eat. The next time was last year, summer/fall 2013 which we never did find out what was wrong...$5,000 later..sigh. That took about 5 months of syringe feeding and he finally started eating, again no particular reason we humans could figure out.

And now this time fall/winter 2014. My vet is at a loss as to what is wrong with this guy. He is leaning towards a cancer, but doesn't cancer show up in blood work? White/red blood cells? Or am I out in left field? Can an animal have cancer and not know it? If it was cancer why would he get better for a year and then get sick again? I just wish I knew what was wrong

If anyone has lost a pet to cancer, did they not know about it? If so how to you know your pet has cancer?

Anyway time to feed old Tiggy
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