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Originally Posted by renegaderuby View Post
Yes, they are losing spots, due to getting older. Its actually a good sign though. There are some people that argue getting them to trust you, and eat from your hand is "bad" that it tames them TOO much. But I'm on the fence about that. I think as long as they are not being "dependant" on you, and still forage in the wild, and go do "natural things'...its not a big deal.

I think they are absolutely beautiful creatures, and I think it is wonderful to see them so up close. As a wildlife photographer I spend hours patiently waiting for the right moment. I will add, at no harm meant to anyone, that baiting animals (feeding them) is harmful, not just because they grow to like humans, but because the population spikes and gives the go ahead for culling. When people increase food, they increase population where the wild resources really can't handle it..and so the hunters take over and end up killing the wild "pets" we loved so much. In truth, all animals will control their own populations but with human interference it is a vicious cycle. Feeding also disrupts their migration into natural Yarding areas for the winter, which are much more important for their survival than most people realize. A good idea for those who want to attract deer without leaving food on the ground for them, plant the vegetation that will attract them. Can do the same with birds, by planting certain flowers that attract certain species. Beautiful photos and I hope they all live happily, long lives

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