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Hey Cane Corso Owners.. I really need your help.
I am looking for any owners in Hamilton Ontario. I know this thread is old but I see someone from Hamilton here already. I also need advice about my Cane Corso just in general. I am wondering if anyone has dealt with Cherry Eye with their Cane Corso? I have a seven and a half month old male he is beautiful but he has had cherry eye in both eyes and in his short time with us I have already had the cherry eye tucked Twice in the left eye and Once in the right. And now for a third time the left gland has prolapsed and we have Cherry Eye again. My breeder keeps saying to have the tear gland snipped but my Vet here in Stoney Creek keeps telling me they don't do that in Canada becauase of the fact the dog can go blind, my breeder says she has always had her dogs tear glands snipped when they pop out and she is reputable from Albany, NY.she also says its very rare for the dog to go blind and that she has never had one go blind personally.. I know there is a vet in Dunnville, ON that does the snipping of the gland but I don't know anyone with a cane corso that has gone there. I have so far spent close to 5000.00 on surgeries for the dogs eyes since February and I just really need some advice.. Even if you're not from Hamilton has anyone had their Cane Corso's tear gland thing that causes Cherry Eye clipped? I am going to start a new thread too but I really hope one of you guys replies to me..
Thank you for your help
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