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That man who's daugher is afraid of dogs should be taken out and locked naked in a box of angry bees
Oh come on! Tell us how you REALLY feel!

Dozer's mom, I know just what you mean. I was driving home from picking my dog up. Of course I didn't know her all that well after only a few hours. I stopped at a rest stop on the highway and took her out to pee. In the blink of a eye, a child of about 3 or so dropped his father's hand, ran over and threw himself across my dog's back, while Dad stood there smiling and saying "Oh he loves dogs!!"

I nearly died. Many dogs - especially newly rescued dogs - would have reacted in a very negative way to that (including my own last dog)

Luckily, my Chloe merely turned and licked him, but this child could have had his face torn off. I hope it hasn't happened.

There is no accounting for the stupidity of people.
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