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rabbit pregnancy advice needed

I had a pair of girl rabbits housed together ,mother daughter ,mother 4.5 years old,daughter 4 years old. The last week they have been very aggressive,mother towards her daughter to the point I have had to separate them. Both are building nests,both very cage aggressive and grunting when our dogs walk by the cages. None of this behavior has been in them since we have had them over the past 4.5 years. The last time I saw this aggression was when the one was pregnant.

I have palpated them both and have felt a lump in both near the ribs,i didn't look any longer after finding the one on each as it was difficult enough to just find that one lump in each. It feel about the size of a globe grape. Could move my fingers around it.

they are both lionhead bunnies. I had my male rabbit let out from his cage by my nephew and found the boy inside with the girls. I do not recall the date that was on,so I am asking is how big would the kits feel,if that is what I am feeling at all
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