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How many of you raw feeders have to prepare things like organs for your crew, like cooking them some, or fully to get them to eat them?How much do you do before they like them?
there is NO stupid question, ever!

for the organs, i gave up after about a month trying to get them to eat them in raw form. and i can't blame them, it's a texture that some dogs just don't want to get used to (bet that if they were in the wild though, and had not much else to eat... they'd get used to it!). so about once every 10 days, i drop a couple packages of liver (i rotate the animal source) or kidneys on a foil-lined cookie sheet and bake for about 20 mins, that's it. After everything has cooled down, i drizzle the liquid on soft stuff (ground meat, fish, eggs, etc) and it gets inhaled... the rest goes in a baggie & in the fridged, doled out in small portions every other day for about a week. the dogs think it's the best treat ever, they have no idea it's really nutritious, LOL!
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