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copper's mom, nice loot the only thing i would change is the bleached tripe, no nutrition in there for the doggies... if you need help finding it online or locally, just let me know and i hope to be able to help you. but beware that stuff stinks, LOL! also for the first couple of weeks i would limit the intake to one protein source only - in your case, chicken - and go easy on the liver, it can cause loose stools in large amounts or if given too soon into a raw diet (it's very rich). once your dogs have those small, hard, beautiful poops (LOL yes there is such a thing ) then you can add another protein source of your choice, say turkey as you can feed bone-in peices, then eventually richer meats like beef, pork, lamb, etc.
also i think paying more than $1 per pound of food is not really a good deal... have you checked out any food sources other than the grocery store? if you need pointers in that direction i would be glad to help on that too, unless you don't mind paying more for the meats, LOL!
sooo glad your doggies are enjoying it, please keep us posted!
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