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When I leave for work, Zoe gets a kong ball and a kong filled with treats. I'm a little worried about not giving them to her when I leave as it is her routine that is associated with when I leave. She looks forward to me leaving!
So, can I still put the same treats in or should I put meat etc in them?? The treats she gets are store bought, supposedly natural - OMH biscuits, wellness bars, northern biscuits, and 2 small milkbones(for kong ball - to hold treats inside). I don't see any preservatives and additives and such on the packages either so I'm assuming they are still good for them!
And if I did put organs or meat in a kong and she doesn't eat it - will it have to be thrown out? I leave at 2pm for work and my b/f is home from work by 6 or 7pm. Sometimes she won't eat certain things unless we are here, so when he gets home, she would then want to eat it.
OR What if I put them in frozen??
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