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I called his office today and spoke to some poor woman who works in the office and said I would like to speak to him she said he is very busy. I said so am I, and excuse me but I along with the rest of the people of this city pay his salary so why is it he cant take my call and will not respond to the countless email I have sent him? She said he is very busy and I said I know lying and not getting his facts straight. But I want to know what he is going to do about the harrassment that I as a dog owner recieve when I am taking my dog for a walk. First thing out her mouth was do you own a pit bull I said my dog does not even resemble a pit bull and even if it did that is not the point. I don't think I should have to fear for my dog and myself when I take him out. She agreed that my safety should not be at risk. So what is he going to do about the mob mentality that he has created because if something happens to myself or my dog I will hold him and the rest of the lying liberal responsible and they will be receiving my vet bills. I want to know how do you reach this guy I want to talk to him she could not give me an answer. So my parting line was I guess we will get his home address and go and talk to him in person, she would not suggest this and giggled so at least his employees realize he is an idiot too. These people just work in the office and are there permanently even when the parties change so they have no affiliation to this ididot. But I think we need to start calling and saying that we want to talk to him. We do pay his salary too bad we cant fire him
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