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Originally Posted by mrkmpn View Post
The food can definitely be a factor on dogs' breath. We have a very small "pomchi" (half pom, half chiuahua). Her breath, especially for such a small dog is absolutely HORRIBLE.
Recently we left our dog with our father in law for a week. Unlike us, he doesn't put his cat's food up where the dog can't get it. Our dog ended up eating cat food for the whole week.
when we went to pick her up her breath was no longer bad. We brought her home, she got back on her regular dog food diet (and no we don't buy cheap generic food or anything) and within a day her breath is bad again.
Dog dental chews etc don't help her breath at all, and I know its unhealthy for dogs to eat cat food, so i have been looking all over trying to find out what I can feed our little dog that won't make her breath smell so bad.
My dog loves to eat rabbit poop! We have a lot of wild rabbits around my yard and there is always a fresh supply of it. I try not to let Marty eat the poop but he does find it before I do . His breath his is stinky and brushing his teeth is not going to help. People never brushed their dog teeth when I was growing up and the dogs where fine and lived a normal lifespan.
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