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I'm a registered veterinary technician and can tell you that veterinarians (at least the ones I've worked with in the past, currently, and all the ones I've learned from and know)do not make their decisions based on trying to screw people out of money. I hear people complain all the time that vets are in it for the money which is ridiculous. I do not know a single veterinarian that worked his/her butt off in vet school to become rich. If that's what they were after they would have gone into human medicine which is far more lucrative. Veterinarians have to know every kind of medicine-emergency, internal, surgical, radiography, intensive care etc. and....know them in multiple species. I think feeding raw is great fOr many dogs, but to assume that diet is the cause of every dog's breath problem is ignorant. Especially if you are not a veterinary doctor. You do not know that crocodiles don't have bad breath, unless you have snuggled up to one recently.
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