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15 year old lab problem

The following is a synopsis of the recent issue with my Lab

Gunner has been in tough shape with some sort of stomach thing that started on Thursday afternoon... He was acting strangely and wanted to go out about 3:00 in the afternoon and he vomited his breakfast which had yet to digest. He ate some grass, wandered around and vomited a few more times. he came in and laid down and was unresponsive and would not eat or drink (he's such a chow hound I knew something was wrong). He woke me up at about 3:00 A.M. on Friday morning to go out and he vomitted again and would not come in. All day Friday he was in the same condition, got him in the house by late morning but he was inert and could not do anything but lie down. He wanted to go out in the afternoon so I put him out and he laid down in the grass and couldn't move. He drank some water but I could not get him in till late. On Saturday he was worse but wanted to to go out in the afternoon and he stayed on the lawn all night. ( On Saturday I dug a place at the edge of the lawn...) This morning, Sunday, I went out and carried him in and he lied down again, would not eat anything just drank some water. Patti and me had to go out for a few hours and returned about 7:00 P.M. to find Gunner at the door waiting for us and wagging his tail... I fed him some muffin and rice with chicken broth and he appears to be resurrected... This morning he appears to be back to his old self.. Time will tell but i am feeding him a little bit of dry food that I have soaked with rice and he is eating with his usual gusto... Since it appears he will eat anything he may have gotten into something that did not agree with his iron-clad stomach. I also had a couple of emails to our great Vet and a long talk with her and was set to bring him there on Monday morning so, we are happy it looks like he is on the road to recovery. Stay tuned for future adventures of Gunner the Wonder Dog ( We wonder how he ever came out of this).
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