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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Rainbow -- you are a long time husky owner -- did your guys ever have dull, flaky coat during the "blow-out" period?

Otherwise, she doesn't show any other symptoms of hypothyroid -- she has good energy and is a good weight. She seems energetic on walks and doesn't seem to be drinking excessively so maybe it is just a extreme shedding period for her -- out with the old, in with the new!

SW, I've had 3 sibes and none of them had a dull flaky coat during shedding season. One of them did have hypothyroidism and didn't show any of the normal symptoms. The only thing we noticed was she held her tail down most of the time. We got the vet to take a look at her and he took an xray but it showed nothing and he just shrugged it off. We changed vets and mentioned it to her and she was the one that thought it could be thyroid related and just a very subtle sign of low energy. Sure enough when the blood test came back she tested positive.

I would get the test done just to make sure. It is nothing to worry about and is easily controlled with medication that is not expensive.
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