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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Thanks Hazelrunpack -- that's what I was wondering because I know ticks tend to go for the neck area but I imagine they could still not come in contact with the medication.

I wonder if there is a mesh/net bodysuit available for dogs Hey, I should invent something like that, I could probably make a fortune if I had the right infomercial
The oil spreads out over the skin so the whole dog is protected after a few hours--we're as likely to find the resistant ticks in the fur on the neck or around the ears as in the feathers behind the leg. Just depends on where the tick attaches... But there are only a very few that live to attach--and most of those die within 24 hours and so (theoretically) don't transfer disease.

I do remember seeing a mesh anti-tick suit for dogs! Looked ridiculous and was expensive...the idea didn't seem to catch on, so I wonder if there were issues with fabric tears and overheating, or something like that...
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