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Other Low Phosphorus food for CRF Cat

My 16 yr old cat Baby was diagnosed with CRF over a year ago. Her numbers are better now than they were over a year ago. I feed her Royal Canin canned renal diet, HOWEVER, she just will not eat that all the time, and even though she will allow me to assist feed her (I use a dropper meant to give medicine with that I cut the end off so that it sucks up cat food -- she is used to me feeding her at times) ANYWAY, I search all the time -- and call the 800 numbers on cat food to check the phosphorus and sodium contents of foods and then compare them to the Renal Diet.

WELL, I just found out that FRISKIES Selects INDOOR canned cat food in the "Classic Chicken Entree" (with Brown Rice & Garden Greens) has not only 7% Protein but only 0.35% Phosphorus and 0.09 Sodium according to the folks at Friskies at the 1-800 ont he can ! AND she LOVES IT.

Baby had a scare with temporary blindness about a month ago. I knew right away that it was caused by high blood pressure from what I read on the CRF sites. I got her to the Vet right away and got her on .5Mil daily of high blood pressure medicine ( I have it mixed in a liquid by the pharmacy and salmon flavored so its easy to give). Her vision improved immediately and got better over 2 weeks time and she is almost her old self again.

If you have a CRF cat, even if it seems to be doing well, be sure to have your vet check their blood pressure. Most vets have the equipment to do it. They actually put something on the paw and check it. High blood pressure can cause blindness very quickly -- like overnight -- but the cats site can be regained if the blood pressure is lowered quick enough.

Good luck to all who are caring for a CRF cat.
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