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Thank you Badger. I will try finding a recipe. I am a stay at home mom so I have the time to make them. How exciting for me! I bake things for the rest of the family all the time so for me this would be special being able to make something for our newest member. I think you are right by making them myself our boarder will not be offended because it may seem to him that he is able to give her special treats. And yes he truly loves Molly as we all do, she came into our home and stole our hearts. He tried at first to not get attached to her as his dog passed away shortly before he came to stay with us, but that only lasted a few days because Molly was having no part of not being loved by everyone, as she sees him as part of the family too, and would sit at his feet and stare at him and wait till he finally gave in and gave her attention.
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