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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Growler, I emailed NV about their phosphorus levels and I was told to go by what is listed under "Minerals" column, not by their guaranteed analysis, it is more accurate:

I think the chicken has about 1.2% phosphorus dry matter. Venison is extremely high.
Yes it does put the chicken at 1.22% but that is based on a Max value for moisture at 75% not an absolute value so it's still a little off ie if the absolute moisture is 71.56% that would drop the dm phos to 1.07% but you can't be sure cuz moisture is only listed as Max value

Originally Posted by mandyb771 View Post
>>>>>>GROWLER: Hi Mandy, is this Henry the ARF cat that now has early stage CRF or one of your other cats?

yes--he's the poor fellow who was ARF a month and a half ago.

>>>>>>GROWLER: Can you list the Creatinine, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN or Urea), Phosphorus, Calcium and Urine Specific Gravity (USG) from the most recent tests.

Last test results only included bloodwork; she couldn't get any urine from him a week ago. On Oct. 20, though, she did, and I remember her saying his urine is very dilute (he drinks A LOT). Here are the last two tests, the first on 10/20 and the past one on 11/7:
BUN: 25, CRE: 2.1, Phos: 3.0---------two weeks later: BUN:26, CRE: 2.3 (the only above normal limit), and Phos: 4.6 (obviously way up in two weeks). She seems to think it is because I switched his food in that two-week period, from Hill's K/D (awful stuff) to EVO venison.

>>>>>>GROWLER: Does the vet have him on any treatments now?

No, she did mention one (Azodyl) but says "it's not time for that now."
The BUN value is affected by dehydration, urine crystals, stress and food whereas Creatinine is a slightly more accurate measure because it is not affected as much by these. Creatinine is a by product of muscle so large muscular male cats may also have normally higher creatinine levels.

The Hills k/d has a dm phos of 0.38% and the Evo 95% venison has 0.77% I would say it probably wasn't just the food change based on 2 weeks time frame. My cat went from canned to raw and her phos levels have always stayed well within normal values and have hardly even changed in the last year.

Unfortunately with conventional vet medicine they tend to treat based almost exclusively on the test values. With CRF it is far more important to treat the cat not the numbers. They will put off most treatments until the numbers show it is warrented instead of helping with something now.

Are you willing/open to homeopathic treatments?

Have you seen these sites:
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