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Lightbulb Crf

I must admit I wept a little when I saw this website. My best friend Greymalkin was diagnosed with CRF 2 months ago and I'm in the thick of things testing different foods to see what he will and will not eat. I've sat up with him at night pleading that he would atleast finish a 1/2 a mini can of K/d... this whole thing is heroing.

That said, Grey is taking it like a champ, he's perfectly happy. As far as he is concerned mommy is just a nut job. He also likes all the extra attention.

On the talk about water intake I found a great article on making flavored waters :
" While you are working toward getting your cat to eat canned food, you can increase their water intake by using flavored waters such as tuna water, beef or chicken broth, clam juice, lactose-free cat milk, etc.You can make you own tuna water by adding 3 cups of water to a can of tuna. Mash it up and let it sit for ~15 minutes then pour the water into covered (to help maintain freshness) ice cube trays. 3 cups of water will fill two 16-cube trays. The ice cube trays can be used for other flavored liquids as well."

I've given him the lactose-free catsip to boost his caloric intake and he loves it but the tuna slurry is in the freezer now so I can try it. It sounds disgusting but if it works

Just thought I'd pass that on!

Off to go try a new food now (Fussie Kitty)
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