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Well, the raw isn't going so well. Tommy simply is NOT interested in any variation that I try, picky little bugger! I think he just doesn't like the texture; he's never cared for canned food either, maybe he just doesn't like mushy stuff? He'll eat meat cooked rare/medium, loves his steak and pork chops and lamb chops done that way, so maybe I have to work him into it from that end and just keep cooking his food less and less.

The people who were so wonderful at the raw store have washed their hands of me, too... they are of the opinion that I should feed chicken even though he's allergic to it (they believe that no dog is truly allergic to anything other than preservatives in dry food), and simply starve him until he eats the raw. According to them, dogs can go 23 days without eating so I should just let him go as long as it takes. I don't agree. I'm probably not headed back there again any time soon. I did find another store though where they seem pretty helpful, so if we do continue that route they carry quite a bit of pre-made raw.

I think we're going to have to put this off for a bit though because we've had a whole weekend of doggy vomit all over the bed. I had to resort to using some pepcid just to give him a bit of a break yesterday, I was worried we'd end up at the e-vet due to dehydration. I have an appointment with a holistic vet to look at some traditional chinese medicine ideas next week, I think I'm going to hold off on any other changes right now until we meet with her. I don't want to upset his tummy even further at the moment, I just want to keep him hydrated and eating as much as possible for the next week until we see what she has to say.

Wish me luck - I'm really interested to see what the holistic vet has to say about all of this!
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