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Hmmmm... he's not really big on eating things I drop or anything else (I'm probably the only dog owner who has to clean up their own spills in the kitchen), but maybe I should head back to the store and see if they have some kind of little variety pack of flavours, so I can try a few different kinds. No matter how good it might be for him, it's not doing him any good if he won't eat the darn stuff eh!

Is it bad if he eats some raw and some kibble? Normally when we give him bits of our dinner we give him a plate beside his bowls after we're done eating. Maybe if I give him his kibble like normal, and then put down a plate of raw after we eat, he might be fooled into thinking it's our food? I tried that tonight but since he already knew I'd been trying to feed him this stuff today, he was too smart to fall for it, lol. He might forget by tomorrow evening though.

He downed all his Orijen though, so he WAS hungry just not for raw - at least I got the slippery elm into him that way, I'm hoping that makes a difference for him too.
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