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Unhappy What to do, our beloved Gracie was killed

Our beloved Gracie was killed yesterday by a car. We are so very very sad. I'm not sure what to do for Isabella who has known Gracie pretty well all of her life. We adopted Isabella when she was six weeks old, Gracie being 2 years at the time. Isabella is now 9 months old and I know she has lost her best friend and mentor. They were the best of buddies, Gracie acting like her older sister, showed her all the ropes in a cat life. I am really worried Isabella might get depressed. I would like to get her another friend but I'm not sure should I get a kitty, one that is younger than her or do I get a older cat so she is still the baby???? What to do, what to do. Does anyone have any advice for me at this very sad time in our lives. Thanks.
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