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pregnant 9 month old dog

my niece adopted a 9 month old dog 3 weeks ago from a neighbour that abused her, neglected her and was trying to breed her with a poodle "just to see what the pups would look like", she's a timid sweet golden retriever mix, I think its with lab, she's slim and was eating like a hog, there was no filling her up, anyways, she took her to the vets to bbe spayed and discovered this skinny girl was pregnant, there are at least 4-5 pups that he could feel, she is due anytime, now the big question, she is terrified of trying to find "good" homes for the pups and worried they will be abused, bred, whatever, does anyone know of a good rescue that would take pups at 10-12 weeks and find them homes?
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