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It looks OK to me and a key point is that you should feed puppy whatever the breeder used for a while anyway. One or two months. Most breeders will send you home with a small bag of their food. Puppy is going to face a lot of big changes soon, best to keep what you can the same for a bit.

I would expect the breeder to give you detailed feeding instructions on how to up the amount for proper, SLOW growth, and when to switch to adult food and to give her/his recommendation on the adult food

I see you have highlighted the Vit. K. Vit K is a naturally occuring vitamin. Synthetic Vit K., called Menadione, is controversial. You might want to confirm that with the company, is it obtained from natural sources or is it synthetic? I would discuss the importance with the breeder.

Also check your health guarantee. You might lose it if you change the food.
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