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Red face Peeing and pooping on command - Answered by J. Sansregret

So Casey is starting to circle, definitely ready to take a BM, and I whisk him outside to do his business in the great outdoors, and .... .... .... NOTHING! I wait and wait, walk and walk, and .... ..... ......... NOTHING! Even when I give up and come back in, half expecting him to start circling again, still nothing. A few hours later, take him out again, and he finally assumes the position and success!!!

This has happened more than once, and my question is, Why? Is it because he wasn't actually ready the first time at all, or is it because while I'm carrying him downstairs the poop gets scared back into him? What's going on? Is there any way I can get him "in the mood" again when we get outside!

What an embarrassing question!!!!!
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