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We have our share of hoarders here too, chico2, no doubt full of good intentions, but because looking after vast numbers is beyond two people, let alone one, what generally happens is that the dogs become disease ridden, injured in fights, totally matted if they are long coated dogs, and of course a lot have temperament problems. And here, because it's not a 7 hour trip into the wilderness to do it, our RSPCA do act. They swoop in and confiscate the dogs, putting those to sleep that they think they have to. Finding homes for the rest.
If dogs have been able to be rescued, it means that those male dogs he was given could have been taken out of there, doesn't it? Instead he let them breed. More poor neglected dogs, which is very sad. Love4himies asked

Why wouldn't the SPCA help out his man and at least neutered the males , why, why, why????

Good question isn't it? Maybe he should have dumped those males on their doorstep, like people do here. Tie the dog to their fence and walk away. It is preferable to them reproducing.

Frenchy, to quote Chris21711, you don't know me from Adam. In this country, and most likely yours too, you could not show dogs without they are entire. And that is something I wondered last night, what do the dog exhibitors there call the girl doggies, what do the vets call them, what classes are in the show schedules? You insult every show person with this

Mostly people who see their "bitches" as only that , dogs that reproduce.

Tell you what, if they are breeders as well they do a far better job of caring for their girl doggies than this guy, they do not have unplanned matings , unwanted litters, and most have lists of people waiting for pups to become available. I put an order in and waited 7 years for my red cattle dogs to be bred, and I didn't breed on with either, regardless of how good they were. In some breeds a top show specimen can be so hard to get that when you get one you certainly don't waste it by breeding with it.

chico2, the dogs that can't be helped are those poor devils left running wild and suffering so much and that makes this whole thing very bad IMO.
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