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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Welcome to pets!!
Just thought I would mention that you will need to check the by laws regarding leaving an animal outdoors in Ontario. There are specific rules on it.
You will need to have a dog license and the cost depends on where you live and weather your dog is neutered or not. I dont like to say this but you will also have to be sure that your neighbors dont have an issue with leaving your dog outside because some people dont think that a dog should be left outside for various reasons. Also for the safety of your dog it might not be something I would do because people do steal dogs but also if he got loose he could be hurt.
There are many condos and apartments that DO allow pets as long as it is approved by them when signing your lease.
Best of Luck
Thank you Cindy, It was very helpful.
I've no problem wiith leting my dog stay inside the house, I guess he will get used to it. My fear is in him destroying the house, but I has to be a trainer or someone that could fix this particular problem.
At the moment, I've decided to let him with my mom when I immigrate, and after that, when I find some good place I might bring him to live with me.
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