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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Some ideas:

At 5 months she could be teething. That will make some lethargic, others chew like demons. If her little gums hurt she might just not feel well because of it. I used those white rope bones, two rotated, wet thoroughly, wrung out and frozen to soothe sore gums. A washcloth will do the trick. Supervise in case of swallowing.

We are having a heat wave, are you? It's supposed to be 28C here today. I noticed my winter puppy could not take the sudden heat his first summer.

Did you call poison control about the bulb? It could be that. I called once and discovered fall blooming crocus bulbs are poisonous and spring blooming ones are not. If poison control will not talk to you about a dog ask them about a human child the same weight, it's the best you can do. Or you can google, there was no internet when I called over 20 years ago.

I agree, I hope you were not going to spay her soon? There is a lot of research now to show spay/neuter, especially before puberty, is not the great thing we were all told. There's some bad along with the good. Would you like me to post links to the research list I have? There is a lot to read.
I did not realize Lupa ate a bulb, I agree that could be what making her lethargic . People also spray their lawns and sidewalks to kill weeds this time of years , and do not put up any warning signs for pets owners and mothers . I have seen this go on a lot in my city , so our dogs could end up walking in something toxic to them.
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