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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
We do have some ticks around Hazel, not lots, but I did have them on one of my previous dogs after a trip to Vancouver Island. These guys have not really been anywhere I would suspect ticks though, and I certainly haven't seen/felt any on them.

I really want to get a video of her when she wakes up in the morning because she limps then. I'd like to be able to show the vet. I guess I had better book her an appt before the spay appointment.

I don't think she's anemic, I'm pretty sure that would have shown up in her blood work from the emerg. visit, but you never know.
I really hope you can find out what is going on with Lupa. Lyme disease can cause a dog to limps. That is how I knew my last dog had it, he was limping on his front leg.
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