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Thanks for the ideas all! I did ask the vet about growing pains (pano) and he doesn't think it's that. She's just had a clean bill of health basically.

I do walk all three dogs together most of the time. DH takes the two puppies out in the morning before it's hot. We don't walk them far, sticking very much to the 5 minutes per month, so they're really only going like two blocks and back. While the walks are on the sidewalk, they also walk on the lawns, so its not all concrete walking.

I know I worry too much, but I can't help it. Nikki is all puppy, but Lupa is a bit of a princess and a drama queen. I just want to see if anybody else has ideas that I haven't thought of yet - and I've thought of lots!

Just after we got her home MaxaLisa she chewed up a flower bulb and spent the night in emergency after she started vomiting all night. They did xrays and blood work at the time, but I don't know how comprehensive the blood panel was. I will have to ask the vet, the lethargy is not really new to Lupa, it just hasn't gone away.
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