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Shaun is probably better at ignoring him than you and he knows it! When Shadow wants to wake me up she just stands there and stares at me. Like that's really helpful! Oddly it seems to work though - go figure.

I would imagine with the amount of business you give you vet they should make room for you. My mechanic is like that with us - tells us we're his best customers Now that I think of it though, maybe if he was a better mechanic we wouldn't be such regulars... hmmm No he's good, we just have old cars.

Poor Thorin getting poked where it hurts. Shadow oddly used to really like to poop on bushes too. Never understood that one either. She's back right up to one and hit the branches. And she pee's like a boy, always has. Not lately since her legs aren't strong enough now, but people used to laugh at us all the time. She's used to be a star leg lifter!

I hope the brown rice works for Nookie. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. No wonder I don't sleep anymore, too busy praying for everybody and their furries It's worth it.
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