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Mandatory Spay/Neuter

I just wanted to find out from everyone what the city run shelters do in your area with regards to spay/neutering.

The SPCA for example has a mandatory program that they perform the spay/neuter before the animal is adopted.

HOWEVER I can't say the city run shelters here do the same, funny how they are contributors to the very problem they are trying to avoid.

You can stroll into the Animal Shelter in Scarborough and as long as you have the $ it's basically no questions asked. Sure they have you complete a form and we all know 'everyone' is truthful right

The animals are not all vaccinated nor are they spay/neutered before they leave. All they get is dewormed basically! (which they can't even do that right because Honey was FULL of worms when I brought her home...)

How can this be?

It truly makes me wonder if it's not 'for profit' solely, who cares if they don't neuter/spay....they get the offspring to adopt out or get 'bought' up by laboratories right!

Any thoughts folks?

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