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Roxy's ma.The reason for not using clumping litter with kittensis,they will lick their little paws and ingest the clay,which in turn can solidify and settle in their organs and cause a lot of problems,even kill the kitten.
I stopped using clumping litter all together and I have 3 grown cats,it was made for the convenience of the owners,not for the safety of the cat.
I was concerned about the dust the cats would ingest every time they scratch the litter.

Okami,I am glad yo are not considerinng declawing
Brushing your cats teeth,might work if you start it right away,I never had any great success But descaling at the vet,cost me $300+ for one cat and it's not something we will have done too often.
Also,you can try filing your cats claws but usually it's not needed,that too is good to start early so they get used to it,two of my cats are ok with it,but one has to have it done at the vet,if I value my life
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