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Thank you for the comments everyone!
I never liked the thought of having only 1 animal in the house because they get so lonely. I have about 5 birds, 25 fish (they're feeders), and one dog. I was told these cats would be able to be trained to not attack birds. So I'm planning to take the kitten and put it by the birds to socialize everyday. I have a dog to socialize with the kitten, she loves playing with cats....well the ones that will actually allow her to play with them. She's a medium sized dog though so I think I will have to watch the kitten and the dog if they play just incase my dog accidently steps on the kitten .
I have never had the thought of declawing nor will I ever. Most people think declawing is just a nail trim that somehow magically takes away all the claws. They really don't know they're actually cutting off an extra finger, ripping out a bone.
But I will trim the kittens claws. I know how to trim cat claws, but after trimming do I smooth it out with a nail filer?
Also is there such a thing as a tooth brush for cats? I'm not sure if cats have a dental problem as much as dogs.
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