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Okami,I too have had cats most of my life,a kitten will need to eat more often than a grown cat,I used to feed them a TSP of canned 3 times a day,while keeping dry food and fresh water 24/7.
Also do not buy plastic dishes,the cause of man allergies,buy stainless or china-dishes.
Buy the best food you can afford,not from a grocery-store.I assume you paid a lot of money for this kitten,so money for good food is not a problem.
A litterbox with low sides is important for a kitten so he can climb in easily,once he gets bigger you can go to a regular one.
I am hoping you are not even contemplating declawing,so a scratchpost is a must,one with sisal-rope works great.
Some good catfoods,in canned or dry,is Wellness,Nutro,Mother Hubbard etc...the pet-supply store will help you. Good Luck!
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