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help with supplementing a homemade diet !

Hello everyone !

My cat has been diagnosed with serious eosihophilic IBD in the small intestine. After trying almost every food possible, I decided to cook for her and would like to transfer her to raw eventually. Now I cook the meat, because the endoscopy revealed severe ulcerations and we want to let it becaume a more balanced environment bacteria wise before we introduce raw. My vet is very supportive of raw diet.

I have consulted someone who offers professional assistance in making a homemade balanced diet and she elaborated a menu especially for her and her condition. The thing is in order to make it balanced and help with her IBD I must of course supplement it. I should add at least enzymes and probiotics to her food. The thing is that if I add anything else than that ( like mineral powder, calcium etc ) she won't touch the food and litterally starve herself ! I know cats have very good noses, but she manages to even smell it in sardines ! Now I don't want to feed her something that is not balanced. Anyone has any experience with this or a trick to make her accept the supplement I must add to her food ? They are all in the form of a powder.

thank you !
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