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heidi WTF, you get stuff of men on dates? oh wow aussie men suck sometimes (not all i do understand some are really good), dating is not so popular here, most men ask you out for a beer not a meal (but some do believe beer is food hmmmm) and they dont bring you anything. and if you are lucky to get a city slicker well they will take you out for dinner or a fancy pub, but out here the nearest a man comes to romantic dating is a steak and beer at the pub or the local bachelor and spinster ball, B and S.
my first date (one of 3 and most girls i know have never been on proper date, although we go out with lots of men but not date them)sorry my first date was when i was 15yrs old and the boy took me to the drag races at the speedway, oh wow, i was not impressed, i had seen so many american movies, i was so disapointed. you lucky girls, oh some aussie girls need to become a little more high maintance i reckon.

anyway the thread, i would never pay that much for anything. i refuse to be materialistic and i believe nothing that is worn etc is worth that much, if it was shelter yes i would consider it, but bag no.

i come from poor ppl, my hubby the opposite and city slickers. often his sisters are absolutly shocked at where i buy my cloths from, i had one of them actually say 'can you really buy cloths out there?' (they are from sydney, the self obsessed city). i love secound hand shops and esp kmart and target, great cloths at a really good price, and the quality is just as good, kmart cloths last me as long as any designers products and if they happen to tear or fade i am not upset as it was only $10 also rough nut and ruin most things jumping fences and what not, so fancy does not suit me.

but i understand the price, these designers are the elite of their field and for that they are rewarded. i wish i had such talent
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