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I'm not too concerned about the bacteria thing- I'm a microbiologist by training and I know a little bit about safe food handling (My cats are named Sam and Ella). I also don't pick up dog poop with my bare hands and I wash may hands thoroughly after cleaning up any sort of dog feces. My little pup is quite clean and the low levels of bacteria that *could* be excreted will not likely hurt me- and we have no small children to worry about. So that's not a concern for me..

However, my biggest thing is keeping it all balanced, but I do agree with the others that as long as it balances over time, it'll be fine. If you feed the same nutrient deficient kibble, home cooked or raw meal for years of course your pet is going to suffer! That's why it's so important to change protein sources, and add organs and bones into a raw diet (and possibly some supplements). I also think that veggies add some nutritional benefits, so I will add them, but other don't and their dogs do just fine. Plus, we are keeping Helix on 1/2 kibble or so (grain free, Orijen) so if there is something lacking, hopefully the kibble will make up for it. i also worry somewhat about the intestinal blockage thing, but Helix handled his first two chicken thighs like a pro! He crunched them up and I'm sure there won't be any problems.

We mostly wanted to give it a shot because we think he'll enjoy his food. I think fresh meat should be an important part of his diet because there is a big difference between raw food and cooked food and I want to give him the best chance possible of having a long and healthy life with us. If it doesn't seem to be working out very well, I have no problems going back to kibble. Thanks for the info though!
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