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Thanks Hazel for letting me know about this thread

Hi Shannon , sorry about your dog being heartworm positive , I never heard about the iverhart treatment , I use Heartguard +.

How long did the vet tell you to keep your dog on that treatment ? And what is the norm in Arkansas ? Because here in Quebec , we only have to treat our dogs (for heartworms) for 6 months (in summer). For Bailey , I had to see 3 different vets before being told to keep him all year round on Heartguard , for 3-4 years. It also depends on the amount of worms they have, if they have been infected for long. If you are not sure , ask your vet for a copy of the results , call at least 2 good vet schools and after telling them the results , ask for their advices on treatment.

good luck and keep us posted !
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