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Sounds like the same thing as must have happened to Lightning. I don't ever remember him getting his tail caught in the door or anything but it must have happened. Sometimes there's a bit of a melee going in and out when the whole pack rushes the door. I never saw any sign of pain from him but one day (who knows how long after it happened), my daughter was petting him and ran her hand down his tail and said it had a bump. I took a look and sure enough, a few inches from the there is a bump and a crook in the tail. The tip of his tail curves anyhow and it's never carried straight so I never noticed. Upon closer examination, it can be bent to one side at about a 90degree angle without causing him any pain or discomfort, and can be straightened but can not flex or bend in the other direction at all. Doesn't bother him at all.
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