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Thank you so much 14+ Kitties. I feel very grateful to even be considered a hero. A hero to me is someone who would sacrifice their own safety and welfare to save another. I think. I'm not sure. I know everyone may have their own definition of a hero. I feel very humbled by this and thank you and everyone on this forum for being heroes as well.
I have always, ever since I was a child, have been attracted and loved animals more than anything. As a youngster, I always took strays home. It got to a point where people knew where the kid lived that loved animals and when they wanted to drop an animal off (which is just an awful thing for anyone to do) they would pull in front of our home and let the animal out of the car. I would be on the front porch and call the dog over and had the dog named before their little paws hit the front porch steps.
My love for animals continued. I would have been a vet but have a hard hard time with death. I could not put an animal down. I know sometimes in the case of suffering it is the best thing to do...I know this...I am just driven so strongly in fighting against death. Maybe that is why I am a registered nurse.
I have 2 pugs now. Both sleep with me. I take them for walks everyday...they go to the dog park for smaller breeds...I take them swimming in the summer which to them is just getting their little feet wet. If I were rich, I would have numerous animals...dogs, cats, birds, pigs, goats, you name it...if I were rich, I would take in every unwanted and abused animal and give them the best home ever. There are three groups I would donate to...if I hit the lotto big....I would take in as many unwanted and abused animals, children and the elderly. Each of these groups are innocent and vulnerable to mistreatment, That is where my heart lies. In the meantime, because I am not rich, I just do what I can. Thank you so much for being here on this forum. I love connecting with others with similar passions as I have.
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