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Lewis is totally in love with Sheba, and it’s reciprocated by her too personally, she drives me nuts! Should have called her Scotch (as in tape), Glue or Shadow, lol. I’ve rarely seen a dog so permanently glued to her people. Other than that …

Her tail is now perfectly healed, and the fur growing back to hide the fact that it’s a little short(er).

The wound on her bum is covered by fur again, but it grew back almost white, so it looks like she has a “bulls-eye” waiting to be shot at

She was groomed on Monday, and came out of there prancing! SO proud of being clean and pretty too funny.

I got a Halti for her and Dani, they were pulling more and more, trying to overdo eachother. Dani had tried the Halti before and hated it. This time though, seing that Sheba hated it (too), all of a sudden she played the Diva and danced down the street happy as a lark I just cracked up, she was so funny! Sheba stopped squirming when she saw the front door of the house. But they weren’t pulling!

Misti … a chapter apart that one! What to say? She’s a growing kitten! Anyone who’s had one, even more so with a dog or two, know what I mean. She’s running circles around both dogs, charmed Lewis into a cat-lover, ignores me when she’s not all over the kitchen counter and stove; walks all over our key-boards and sits so she blocks the screen of the PCs, boxes other animals on TV, boxes Dani in the nose, sleeps with Sheba, kills the cardboard trays the water bottles come on (we leave the plastic over it, she rushes in, and out the other end!), plays hockey with any plastic water-bottle-top she can steal from anywhere, and comes purring into the bed at any time she pleases during the night in short, she’s a healthy 5½ month old kitten!

Her one funny thing though … Ricolas! She’s discovered that they are hard and thereby make noise on the floor when she dribbles them around. So, she’ll hunt down a bag of Ricolas and fish one out to play with it. The trouble is, Dani got curious, and unwrapped one with her teeth one day, and in doing so licked the Ricola. Result: we now have two Ricola-addicted animals. One plays with them, and the other eats them! Clank, crunch

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