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Non-Stop Barking When Sees Other Dogs

My dog is 2 years old, a poodle-yorkie mix, about 8.5 lbs. She adorable, intelligent, relatively obedient... But when she sees other dogs she goes crazyyy barking -- she stops when they get close enough to sniff -- sniffs -- then freaks on them when she feels they have sniffed too long (no biting, but angry barks).

It's so frustrating because she barks whenever she sees a dog. She can't handle the dog park, even just as a place to walk around the perimeter off-leash, because she needs to shout at all the dogs around her.

Does anyone have advice on at least getting her to stop barking in the street?? I've tried clicking and choke collaring and just twitching the leash every time she barks, and I've tried making her sit while the dogs pass, and none of it woooorks!
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