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Thank you for the answers.

I have checked her and I don't find anything on her body, then again she is black so it is pretty hard to see. But yes the anemia was caused by a hemoparasite and it was treated with antibiotics.

We got her from a shelter, kind of. A friend of ours adopted her from a shelter but he couldn't have her so we took her in the next day. She was adopted at a very, very young age, maybe about 2 weeks, judging by the time at which she got her adult teeth.

Anyways, thank you guys, I've noticed that she has not urinated today at all, in a few hours, she will complete 24 hours without doing it, so I'm starting to worry a lot. I'm rushing to the vet hoping it is open (it is holy week according to the catholical church and that is a pretty big deal in my country, the whole country basically stops from thursday to monday). I'll keep you guys updated.

Edit. She just urinated, I was really, really worried about that. Thankfully she just did it. No blood or pain or anything weird, she has troubles only when trying to poop. I'll go to the vet anyways in a moment.

Second Update: The vet was closed as I feared, and it will probably be like that until saturday if I'm lucky, it might even be closed until monday u.u Any tips? Thank you.

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