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same problem with my cat

Hi There,

I can totally sympathize with your situation - I know this response comes almost a year past the time you originally posted but I've been going through the same exact thing with my cat. I stumbled upon your post while doing research about my cats condition.

Your description of the episodes are verbatim what my cat is experiencing. We have done the same thing - taken her to the vet, then an internist, then a cardiologist - all her vitals and tests and bloodwork are coming back okay. No one can seem to figure out what's going on. In the meantime she has lost 2 pounds in 3 months, almost stopped eating entirely (we have her on appetite stimulants now and a bit of her appetite has come back) and her breathing is very labored. She still is having these episodes/seizures.

It is extremely frustrating to have spend a TON of money and still have no answers. After researching online I found that some seizures can be brought on by metabolic diseases like asthma. I was wondering if you guys had any luck in figuring out what was wrong with your kitty. Any information would be greatly helpful and appreciated.

My best wishes and thoughts are with you.
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