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It does sound like play, dashn'us. If the play was turning into fights, you'd hear a change in the growls and see the body posture get tense. Youngsters play with a lot of teeth showing and a lot of wrestling. The play-bowing is a good sign, and turn and turn-about 'pinning' to the ground is normal. Our big boys will allow the smallest of the girls to roll them when they're playing, even though she wouldn't have a chance in Hades of doing it on her own!

We have a "no wrasslin' in the house" rule that gets broken pretty frequently. When I need them to calm down, I distract them with a short training session, and the session ends when they've stopped panting. If you're lucky, they'll decide they're tired of play and settle down for a nap at that point!

I think it's marvelous that they get along so well!
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