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Playing or Fighting?

Hey guys!
Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year! Fortunately we are students and have a nice, long Christmas break. I have a question regarding what (we think) is play-fighting. We are at my Mothers because they are on vacation and we are babysitting her 3-month old Wheaten terrier. He is a cutie but he has an attitude about him (like most terriers I suppose). We brought Dash along with us and the entire 5 days we have been here they have been all over each other. Unless we separate them they are constantely growling, showing their teeth, running all over the place, chasing each other, bowing down and jumping, and taking each other to the ground. We have been told that they are only playing but it just hasn't stopped. Dash is only a year and a half old and Jaxon (the puppy) is as I said, 3 months old. Any ideas how to stop this? Or should we just let it go? Will it stop! Haha because we are here until Saturday. Any info is appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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