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I bought a small bag of the Scoopable Feline Fresh and mixed it 50/50 with our original litter, Max Scoop Clumping. I left the second litter box with just the Max Scoop Clumping in it.

So far they have taken to it well. They actually use the litter box with the 50/50 mix more than the original one.

The only thing I am finding is that with the mix of the two litters, when I scoop it, the clumps are not very well held together and the clumps usually end up falling apart into little pieces.

Does the Feline Fresh clump good when it is used by itself? Not sure why if they are both clumping they would fall apart like this.

I never have a problem with odour, I scoop once a day and the clumps from the Maxx Scoop were good. Kasey always pees in the middle of the box so his clumps are easy to get out but Roxie tends to pee against the side of the box and the clumps are usually down in the corners of the box and are like cement to get out

I wanted to try and switch to the Pine as it will be better for them. Kasey has to stick his head right down to the bottom of the box when he is digging in there and he has snuffed up litter a couple of times.
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