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Originally Posted by Heather MH
Smoking pot is as good a legal here in Canada. Your not going to walk down the street in broad daylight smoking, even though I was at Tim Hortons getting lunch the other day and there were two guys in the parking lot smoking, and not trying to hide it.

Smokes here in Calgary are $10.25/pack. Now that is ridiculous. We WASTE so much money every month on smokes, everyday I want to quit. I recently did for 3 months which was the longest ever, said I would never smoke again. Then I watched my sister get REALLY sick, acctually I watched her have a gran-mal seizure. My Dad, my other sister and I all stopped on the way to the hospital to buy a pack. I'm not going to quit quitting though. I wish they would make smoking illegal.
You have 25 packs too, don't you? We have 20 packs here in BC.
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